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Terms of trade
The Company offers its clients the most convenient trading conditions on the Forex international financial market.

All trading transactions are in cents.

Minimum order size - 10 000 units of the first currency in the currency pair.

Swap is being charged at 00:00 according to the time of the trading server (London time +2). Wednesday is the day for charging a threefold swap.

Trading with instruments is available from 10:00 p.m. Sunday till 10:00 p.m. Friday (London time).

The table represents a long list of instruments.
* Trading hours: 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. GMT
** From 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. GMT, the spread on these pairs can be raised.
One pip is:
For currency pairs with four places after the decimal point, the minimum change in the fourth place after the decimal point (0.0001);
For currency pairs with two places after the decimal point, the minimum change in the second place after the decimal point (0.01).
For example, if you buy or sell 1 lot on EURUSD, 1 pip will be equal to 10 USD.
AUDCAD 0.2 Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
AUDCHF 0.1 Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc
AUDJPY 0.3 Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen
AUDNZD 0.2 Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
AUDUSD 0.1 Australian Dollar/US Dollar
CADCHF 0.2 Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc
CADJPY 0.2 Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen
CHFJPY 0.2 Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen
EURAUD 0.2 Euro/Australian Dollar
EURCAD 0.2 Euro/Canadian Dollar
EURCHF 0.3 Euro/Swiss Franc
EURGBP 0.2 Euro/British Pound
EURJPY 0.2 Euro/Japanese Yen
EURNZD 0.4 Euro/New Zealand Dollar
EURUSD 0.1 Euro/US Dollar
GBPAUD 0.2 British Pound/Australian Dollar
GBPCAD 0.3 British Pound/Canadian Dollar
GBPCHF 0.3 British Pound/Swiss Franc
GBPJPY 0.2 British Pound/Japanese Yen
GBPUSD 0.1 British Pound/US Dollar
USDCAD 0.1 US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
USDCHF 0.1 US Dollar/Swiss Franc
USDJPY 0.1 US Dollar/Japanese Yen
USDSGD 0.4 US Dollar/ Singapore Dollar
NZDUSD 0.2 New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar
USDRUB* 0.9 US Dollar/Ruble